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Visit our Gift Shop in Mackinaw City at 707 N. Huron Ave. - Right across the street from Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

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If you have ever yearned to gain a glimpse of the lighthouse keepers life, while simultaneously assisting with the operation and maintenance of a historic lighthouse, you might consider serving as a volunteer keeper at the Cheboygan River Front Range light for a session during the summer or fall season.

Volunteers (couples or two good friends) will have access to the upstairs bedrooms at the lighthouse while providing an enjoyable and hospitable environment for visitors from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Thursday - Sunday, Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. Fall Hours are Saturday & Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM until the first weekend of October.

Keepers will emphasize safety precautions for the visitors as they proceed up into the tower and regulate the number of people in the tower to two people in the lantern at one time. Daily cleaning of the lighthouse is necessary and an important duty of the Keepers will be to staff the gift shop. You will meet with a volunteer at the beginning of your stay where you will learn all the facts and tasks involved as a lighthouse keeper in addition of the operation of the small gift shop in the lighthouse, including recording sales and collecting cash.

Since volunteer Keepers will work in pairs, you will be free to swap between gift shop and tour duties as you see fit. Keepers will also be responsible for building and grounds maintenance throughout the day. This may include sweeping down buildings, mowing the lawn, trimming grass, changing light bulbs, etc. There will also be special projects from time to time - ranging from carpentry, light demolition, painting, etc., depending on the individual keeper’s skills and abilities.

Located centrally in downtown Cheboygan, the experience of serving as a weekend volunteer keeper at the Cheboygan River Front Range light offers a unique combination of staying in a historic riverfront lighthouse  while enjoying all the amenities of a bustling downtown area.

For additional information, click the link to the bottom left of this page to download a volunteer manual in Adobe PDF format, which you can print and read at your leisure.

There is a small fee for volunteering at the lighthouse and volunteers must be GLLKA members. For additional information contact us by any of the methods shown at the bottom of any page on this website.

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