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A Short Bright Flash
Author Theresa Levitt tells the story of how Augustin Fresnel shocked the scientific elite with his unique understanding of the physics of light. The lens he invented was a brilliant feat of engineering that made lighthouses blaze many times brighter, farther, and more efficiently. A great read for those instrested in lighthouse illumination, 265 pages.
BRH61 Soft cover  $25.95

Instructions to Light Keepers
Reprinted from the 1902 edition of the same name published by the Lighthouse Board, this book contains everything a lighthouse keeper was required to know to run a light station in 1902. It is fascinating reading for those interested in lighthouse history. The book features 55 pages, 39 plates of equipment, a 10-page comprehensive index and is available in either soft cover or hard cover versions.

PRS02 soft cover $18.00.  PRH03 Hard cover $23.00

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Guardians of The Light
By Elinore DeWire. If you are interested in learning about the hardships, joy, heroism and mind-numbing boredom that made up the life of a light-keepers, you cannot go wrong with this book. While Elinor covers the subject with amazing detail, she avoids being overly technical, making the book a fast paced joy to read. We challenge anyone to come away from this book without a deep appreciation for the dedication of the wickies of yore.

BRS07 Soft cover $21.95

Women Who Kept The Lights
Danger and loneliness were common themes in the lives of women lighthouse keepers in the United States from 1776 to the mid twentieth century. This 20th anniversary issue contains two new chapters. Authors Mary Louise and J. Candace Clifford have captured the uniqueness of each woman's experience. 253 pages.
BFS15 Soft cover $22.95

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Lighthouse Families
In his book Lighthouse Families, Bruce Roberts goes beyond the historical account of American lighthouses and captures the stories and memories of lighthouse family members still living. Through words and photographs, the book describes the dangerous and romantic lives of thirteen lighthouse families. 208 pages.
BFS09 Soft Cover $16.95

Au Sable Point Lighthouse
In this book, author Mickel B. Classen charts the history of the Au Sable Point light station and the dangerous reef that lurks six feet beneath the lake's surface and serves as the final resting place for so many sailors. 132 pages.

BRS53 soft cover $19.99.